It’s been a tough year for crypto and blockchain. The markets haven’t been kind to digital asset investors, and on top of that, we’ve experienced severe breaches of trust, leading to a severe blow to the public and regulators’ perception of the industry. It’s already clear that recent events have rattled investor confidence and left long-term ramifications that will take a significant amount of time for the industry to mend.

However, it is very, very far from being all doom and gloom. While the media has shone an unforgiving light on most of the industry’s misfortunes, we shouldn’t let negative sentiment hijack the meaningful steps we’ve taken in 2022 – and there have been plenty.

Beyond the market fluctuations and bankruptcies, we look deeper at what the crypto space has achieved this year in terms of building products and services, expanding their accessibility, introducing new solutions to old problems, and learning important lessons.

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